Community initiative - "Destroy The Death Star"

Hello all,
I’d like to query the team and community to determine if a concept I have half baked in my head would be acceptable to pursue.

tl;dr → a community led initiative to create an avenue for holders of the deprecated v1 xFORCE to be able to redeem them for NFT(s) on polygon.

the thought is that this could be a fun way for folks who may not have much/any exposure to the growing polygon ecosystem to be able to cross a bridge, see some of the possibilities of using poly and redeem the otherwise valueless v1 deprecated tokens for a badge of honor.

if the concept is not objectionable to the Force DAO and the community is open to it - i’d like to take a stab at structuring a more detailed proposal for community review/approval. and perhaps even executing a plan if it meets approval. i have further detail/thoughts together already but first want to check the temperature in the room and make sure i’m not asking to do something that might be viewed negatively by either the team or community.

i would appreciate any/all open and honest feedback so i can get a sense as to whether its worth going into further detail.

thanks in advance!


Sounds interesting to me. Would the NFT do anything besides functioning as a badge?

Needs to work for both the underlying as well as the xForce token as well, imo.

i’d really like to be able to make the NFT’s such that if Force DAO (or perhaps even other DAOs) wanted to give them utility in the future it’d be possible.

in regards to both v1 FORCE and v1 xFORCE tokens. that was my thought as well if there aren’t any technical challenges or limitations to mapping both deprecated tokens to polygon.

are there any experienced artists in the community who may want to do the art/concepts?

are there any experienced NFT creators who can offer some guidance as to what type token standard would be best to use allowing for serialization and format that will best allow for potential future utility?

I think this is super cool! You know we have discussed this in length and will create a channel in Discord and see if anyone in the community wants to join and support this initiative.

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