Enhanced Wallet Analytics

DeFI has very limited analytics when it comes to the user wallet. Nobody is calculating your earnings and as a user, that is one of the most important key performance metric for you. If you want to calculate gas fees you paid for the month etc, you have to download a report from Etherscan and do a lot of manual calculations. Balances is another issue, each transaction should contain starting and ending balance.

Wallet Analytics at the very basic level, should be able to answer the following questions:

  • How much was paid in successful transaction fees

  • How much was paid in unsuccessful transaction fees

  • How much $ was send

  • How much $ was received

  • Starting & Ending balance of each tx that includes all tokens in the wallet

Execution steps
Pick up all transactions based on your wallet and cross referenced with etherscan with eth price calc based on a time stamp and tx hash to help ppl do monthly /quarterly/annual reports
starting and ending wallet balance (includes all tokens) on all the transactions & include dates on all the transactions

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