Parameter For Distribution OF V2 Tokens

Moving to discuss from Discord to the community forums for more constructive conversions.

While these statements aren’t set in stone at this current time, I believe it’s best to provide some context and different ideas to the current debate.

The debate is founded on a few facts and how to read these facts,

  • Offical Tweet to halt trading at 5:39am EST
  • Discord reinforced statement to stop trading founded here Discord
  • Statement of returning of funds located here Discord

Many have stressed ( myself included), the message of a return of funds gave people a sense of risk on and that things would have been resolved.

Discord) gave people the idea things were likely to recovery due to the white hat hacker there was NO discussion of blackhat hackers besides Twitter and NOT via official channels. Now we can discuss who would buy an exploited contract or whatnot, but that’s totally noise right now.

While maybe your intentions weren’t to give people the green light, it was a crazy time for everyone. However, there was such a need to restate it here(Discord) which does show there was some need to provide even more announcements due to this confusion.

While there might be a right to say, return of funds wasn’t a green light… However, at the same time, there was a need to restate a halt trading, showing some miscommunication or confusion among the community.

It was confusing for everyone, but I believe you owe it to the community to provide the time of the official statement on Discord and not Twitter (Discord)

Finally, I’m sure there is a percentage of people who are in Discord, who don’t follow you on Twitter. Discord is a DAO community, not merely the DAO’s Twitter following. In some sense, your saying Discord is less important, than your Twitter following. I’m sure there are people who totally ignore marketing channels aka twitter anything, even #:bird:twitter.

Thanks for your time

I don’t understand your point. The return of the funds isn’t related to a fix of the exploit. Smart contract are - for most part - built in a monolithic way and therefore when a vulnerability is found you might have to issue a new contract. Some more agile architectures exist, built on proxys or double proxys, but this is the most common case.

  • The funds have been returned doesn’t equal to the contract is fixed.
  • The team stating numerous time “stop trading” hints a token depreciation.

Why buying a token issued on an unsage contract is not the question, however if one buy while everyone has been warned not to, then it’s not the team responsability anymore.

As for people not following, that’s bad trade execution.