Proposal - farm reward for $FORCE

I shared on discord this proposal to see if the community was interested in adding some farm rewards to the $FORCE token on polygon and after some discussion it was suggested posting on the forum was the next step.

The proposal is requesting $25k purchase of pCOMB, the deflationary farm token on honeyswap dex and then pairing with weth in exchange for roughly $75k in pCOMB in return over a 4 month farm season period. The project is built by a reputable DAO, 1hive, and pCOMB price and liquidity has been steadily increasing since farm application announcement.

I help contribute to 1hive community who launched the honeyswap aggregator on polygon. This also is the same team that worked with the connext team to build out the bridge. They are working to become a cross chain aggregator and have recently launched farms. They have an application process for adding rewards and right now as they are adding some early token pairs for farming the rewards are really good for the first pairs.

The TLDR on the the best reward option from the application article:

  1. Force DAO will be able to buy $25k of pCOMB β€” Approximately 7,000 pCOMB;

  2. Force DAO can then stake pCOMB/wETH LP token on Honeycomb Farms β€” Approximately 15,000 pCOMB in rewards if you lock your stake for 120 days;

  3. You will be able to select the pair to get incentivized on Honeycomb Farms β€” Approximately 2,250 pCOMB over a 4-month period.

Because they are bootstraping, the early farm applicants are able to get 3x the rewards or $75k rewards in exchange for $25k pCOMB

Those not familiar with 1hive here is a high level monthly recap of just some of the projects they are working on.

I am interesting in hearing if the community would support.

Additional Links

Application process
Learn more about pCOMB
xPollinate Bridge
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The 1hive honeycomb Defi dApp

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I am against this proposal. I don’t see how it contributes to the Force strategies and there is a risk of permanent loss of funds.

Thanks for the feedback, fair enough. if force decides to go with farms like on quickswap I would just recommend honeyswap.