Proposed Governance process


The Force Governance consists of two phases:

  1. Community discussion
  2. On-chain/off-chain voting

1. Community discussion

A community discussion can start anywhere. Here in the forum, on Discord, Telegram or Twitter. At some point, it is desired to create a thread in the forum to form a structured discussion around the topic. Everyone has the opportunity to join and contribute to the discussion. This phase is an opportunity to do a temperature check in the community.

Ideally, you keep the discussion as a general, non-biased question about a potential change, improvement, or action. Be polite and respect each other’s opinions. A drafted proposal could include the following:

  • Functional description (what are you proposing?)
  • Purpose (what’s the “why”?)
  • Background (what is the reasoning behind the proposal?)
  • Reasoning & analysis (what is the case for the proposal? what are the pros and cons?)
  • Technical implementation (who will be writing the code? what is the scope required?)
  • Impact (how does this contribute to the long-term sustainability of Force?)
  • Open questions (what else needs to be figured out?)

2. On-chain/off-chain voting

It is planned to require a minimum of 10M Force tokens to create a proposal. Anyone holding Force token can vote on the proposals. Snapshot doesn’t require any gas in order to participate in the votes. All you have to do is to authenticate with your Web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask or WalletConnect).

The core team will create their proposals on both platforms. Community proposals will be duplicated to the required side in case the proposal owner has 10M balance only on one side.

The outcome of the voting will be decided by tallying up results and will be binding for the core team to implement. In the future, there will be other on-chain governance solutions that will trigger smart contract executions.


10M Force tokens to create a proposal? Treasury contract the only address that can create a proposal? Is this intentional?

That means that community proposals require a coalition, reasonable if 10m tokens is reachable without all of the core team.


The number can change but the idea is that it will be high enough that it takes the DAO multi-sig to submit a proposal to vote on.

If it passes the initial proposal discussion phase, there shouldn’t be an issue putting it to snapshot by the DAO.

It is all open to adjustment.

10m is a very high threshold to reach based on token distribution atm. Doesn’t appear plausible a community proposal would be possible unless the coalition was massive.

Given current resources of the DAO though it is not unreasonable for the multisig to control at this point in time.

There does need to be a coalition properly motivated to push a proposal to snapshot when it is determined that the discussion around the proposal has led to an agreement to go to vote.

The amount does seem high with current tokens in circulation but it also needs to be high enough that only the coalition can push a proposal to vote.