Question about depositing

Dear Support,

I wanted to deposit DAI, but my Metamask was showing a bug. Instead of DAI + gas fee in ethereum, it showed only a high gas fee which was 1/3 of the transaction value. So I decided to make a transfer directly to the vault address which is on your page. Did I make a mistake? My DAI are not showed as deposited, it just disappeared. It was 10 hours ago. What can I do?

Hey @DariusS, from the sounds of it you may have sent your funds into somewhere you may have trouble getting them out from. It is hard to say. Without looking at the actual etherscans I can only speculate but we highly advise people not to just send funds into a contract in the wild.

These forums are just getting started so sorry it took awhile to respond. You can also make a support ticket in our Discord if you would prefer to share etherscans there.

Hello @DeFi_Dan, thank you for your reply. I don’t mind sharing the etherscan here. As I mentioned I transferred DAI from my wallet to the vault address and it is not showed as deposited on the vault page. Here is the link:

I believe that is the actual contract for the DAI token. Our vault contract where you would want to deposit funds is actually


I had another guy who did the same as you but with USDC. This is why we try to encourage people to not try and deposit directly into smart contract unless you are very experienced with that kind of thing.

I am not 100% there is anything that can be done. I will ask the devs if they know of any solution.

I actually got the final word from a friend who was able to look into the DAI vault and unfortunately it does not have a recovery function for funds. Even if it did it would require the owner of the contract to activate that function.

Afraid your funds are gone. Really sorry pal

Thank you, well I surely copied and pasted the address, I didn’t typed it. I don’t know why some letters are not capitalised, if that is the case. But if nothing can be done about it, I have to accept it. Let’s say that was an investment into learning :slight_smile:

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